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P O Box 177



South Africa.

TEL / FAX +27 46 6850 519

E-mail: vniekerk@eastcape.net

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Text Box: Quarantine Station & Embryo

P O Box 177



South Africa.

TEL / FAX +27 46 6850 519

E-mail: vniekerk@eastcape.net

Text Box: Jean van Niekerk and his wife Moozie


Brakfontein Embryo Centre is situated in the district of Bedford in the Eastern Cape, approximately 200 kilometres from Port Elizabeth. It is a Quarantine Station fully registered with the South African Depart- ment of Agriculture. It boasts the latest veterinary equipment for ovine and caprine embryo collection and freezing for export purposes. It can accommodate 600 donor animals.

Text Box: Jean van Niekerk grading embryos in his laboratory at Brakfontein Quarantine station.


l We started in 1990 as a small scale local enterprise.

l We expanded after 1993 as the RSA borders were opened for exports and we became heavily involved in this activity.

l We are familiar with the latest and most modern techniques learned from world class technicians whilst exporting Boer Goat embryos to New Zealand and Canada.

l We successfully attended the small ruminant embryo course conducted by Canadian operators at Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute.

l We have passed the South African Veterinary Embryo Group examination to qualify as an exporter of embryos from South Africa to other countries.

l We have exported small stock embryos to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Malaysia and China with great success.

l We are members of the SA Veterinary Embryo Group, SA Veterinary Association, Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Large Animal Health and Production Group and East Cape branch of S.A.V.A.

Text Box: Jean van Niekerk collecting embryos in the laboratory at the Brakfontein Quarantine Centre

Current Situation

The sheep breeds presently being housed for embryo collection are:

* Dohne Merinos (The sheep for the current economic climate) - Dohne Merino Breed Society of South Africa

* Damaras

* S.A. Mutton Merinos

* Karakuls

* Dorpers –Black and White

* Boergoats


Since 1998 we have exported approximately 12,000 embryos from the various breeds listed above. All embryos exported to date have achieved excellent pregnancy rates. Outstanding conception rates were achieved with Dohne Merinos and Damaras in Australia with many happy clients.


We execute embryo orders that comply with all international protocols in a professional and efficient manner. We have 10 years experience of international health protocols in the small stock industry.

Brakfontein is 10 kilometres off the main road between Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth and less than 2 hours drive from Port Elizabeth airport. We invite all interested parties who wish to inspect our facilities to spend a night with us at Brakfontein.